• About Us

    Charms Tailor and Lord's Tailor were established in Hong Kong since 1980 and we specialize in first class, custom made clothing for people who insist upon the best.  We have been one of the best tailors in Hong Kong for the past 35 years helping our demanding clients get exactly what they desire.
  • Craftsmanship

    Our Shanghainese Master Cutter has been in the trade for 50 years with exquisite craftsmanship. From paper drafted pattern, cutting fabric, padding canvas and hand stitched lapels, etc., every step is under bespoke process in order to achieve a comfortable fit for your body.
  • Service

    From natural fabric such as linen, cotton, silk to luxurious cashmere, vicuna etc., to wide variety of renowned high end fabrics, from custom suits, shirts, overcoats to casual wardrobes we offer an unprecedented level of personal elegance for both men and women for years.